According to the Family Business Consulting Group, "shared leadership in family enterprises can serve as an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the broad resources of the family to ensure effective leadership across the enterprise system. . . Embracing the benefits and implementation of shared leadership can be one of the keys to achieving multi-generational...
On this Mother’s Day, we are reflecting once again on the mothers that make us – Lamont Homes – a thriving social enterprise that does well and does good in its community; that is owned and operated by two black women and mothers; and that aligns with the Department of Behavioral Health to provide adequate...
Phillip now lives in a rowhouse on U Street NW, DC. He takes classes and attends Church locally. He is well known by neighbors near and far for his landscaping services. Some people know him as the “bicycle man,” because he rides his bicycle all around the city. Others know him as “handyman,” because he...

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