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About Us

Our History

Lamont Homes was established by Arnida Lamont over 40 years ago with a mission of servicing Washington D.C.’s most vulnerable residents. With behavioral health facilities across Northwest, Northeast, and Southeast D.C., Lamont Homes creates a dedicated community of caregivers that provide a place to call “home” for adults coming from all backgrounds and walks of life. Lamont Homes is a family-run and community-oriented organization. Managed by mother-daughter duo Arnida and Monica, Lamont Homes hires locally and provides services locally. 

Our dedicated staff of D.C. residents come from the communities we support, and ensure a comprehensive and authentic approach to providing our behavioral health services. Our native knowledge of the D.C. community and the resources we deploy to provide for and protect our community ensure that our clients can feel safe and comfortable at home with us. Lamont Homes will always strive to provide quality services and facilities to its clients with consistency and compassion.

Our Mission

Lamont Homes is dedicated to providing behavioral health services to Washington D.C.’s most vulnerable residents. We strive to provide a safe and supportive residential community for our clients. We take a two-pronged approach to the provision of our services: (1) client-centricity, and (2) community-building.

Our Vision

Our vision at Lamont Homes is to help build a D.C. that values mutual respect among all of its residents. Our work seeks to create communities where people respect, value, and support each other as neighbors, regardless of background, status, or circumstance. We strive to realize this vision by providing our clients with a comfortable environment that feels like home.

Our Commitment

Lamont Homes is committed to lifting up some of Washington D.C.’s most vulnerable residents through client centric services and community building efforts.We are committed to leveraging our resources and goodwill to provide our clients with a welcoming environment that is safe and supportive.

About Our Founder

Our founder, Arnida Lamont, was born and raised in the District. The circumstances surrounding her upbringing inspired her to make the commitment to serving D.C. residents in need. She raised her daughter, Monica Lamont-Bethea, here in the District, and they now manage Lamont Homes. Our commitment to bettering Washington D.C. is twofold. First, Lamont Homes hires our staff directly from the communities we seek to serve; by reinvesting in our communities by creating jobs, we seek to strengthen the bonds between our clients, our staff, and our neighbors. Second, Lamont Homes maintains Group Homes across 3 of the 4 quadrants of D.C., ensuring that our impact is geographically comprehensive.