Finding the “Merry” in a season of “Scary”

How Lamont Homes Continues to Cope with a Challenging Year

For the past couple of months the Lamont Homes team has had our heads down and our spirits up as we strive to continue to maintain our professional standards, and our commitment to our clients.

Navigating Hard Times

In the midst of a contentious election season here in the heart of our nation’s capital, a summer marked by unrest and uncertainty, and the ongoing disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic that has now been with us for at least 8 months, we find ourselves facing this Halloween season with a much lower tolerance for fear than normally. So in the true spirit of the season, we are focused on bringing treats (literally!) to our staff, our clients, and ourselves. As we enter the holiday season, our team is finding ways both great and small to put the “merry” in these scary times. Here are a few examples of how:

One significant way we’ve fought to reduce the fear in our community is ensuring that we have avoided involuntary reductions to our staff as much as we possibly could over the course of the pandemic. COVID-19 has had disastrous economic implications on businesses and families all over the world. As a family business, it has been important to us to not add to the anxiety of our team already caused by our current situation outside of work. That is why we’ve committed to rewarding them for good work out of our own pockets, why we have celebrated birthdays with them by purchasing them birthday cakes, and why we have done our best to protect our business viability despite challenging and changing business circumstances.

Another way we’ve brought a merry mood to our daily work is by taking the time to celebrate ourselves. In September we celebrated both our Founder and our CEO’s birthdays (happy birthday to Arnida, on September 12, and to Monica, on September 18!). We find it’s important to remind ourselves of the importance of our vocation. Our business is a decades-old pillar of the DC community, and our services are more vital now than they have ever been.

The pair of them also took the time just this week to personally deliver strawberry birthday cakes to all of our staff and clients’ October birthdays. And this weekend, we will be going around to our houses to bring candy to our clients! In so doing, we show that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can do good and do well with determination, hard work, and a good spirit. That even in dark times, you can find ways to be a light for your community. We will certainly continue to do our best to be one of them.