According to the Family Business Consulting Group, "shared leadership in family enterprises can serve as an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the broad resources of the family to ensure effective leadership across the enterprise system. . . Embracing the benefits and implementation of shared leadership can be one of the keys to achieving multi-generational...
This past Sunday the nation celebrated the mothers that made all of us. So it seemed fitting that Lamont Homes take some time to recognize the mother and daughter (a mother, herself) that make our business possible. It is rare to find a mother-daughter duo that own and operate a business. Rarer still, a business...
It’s like I said, it’s not just a regular job: it’s needed. Somebody’s got to do it. And if you care to do it, that’s a plus. When you develop a relationship with the residents, as such, they become your family almost. That’s why, for me, I can say I enjoy it. When I go...

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