A Lamont Homes “5 in 5” featuring Ms. Johnson

Lamont Homes is dedicated to providing group homes to Washington D.C.’s most vulnerable residents. We pride ourselves on building strong, supportive communities. What follows is a five minute, 5 question interview from a member of our community: Ms. Johnson, a staff member.

Question #1: WHO are you?

My name is Willie Dell Johnson.

Question #2: WHEN did you start working for Lamont Homes?

I started working for Lamont Homes in January of 2019.

Question #3: WHERE did you work before Lamont Homes?

I was with ETIS, and then a different group home company before they closed down. That’s when Lamont Homes picked me up, which I was glad for. I enjoy it! I don’t have any problems with anybody. I come to work and do what I’m supposed to. We get along well, don’t we? (speaking to Barbara, a client of Lamont Homes sitting at the dining room table with us)

(Barbara – “Yes we do. I help Ms. Johnson and Ms. Johnson helps me.”)

Question #4: WHICH house(s) do you work for?

I work around different houses. I go to 1901 U Place SE and 1917 U Place SE. Sometimes I’ll go over to 717 Malcom X Ave or Eastern Ave. But this house (36 U Street) is closest to my house. I just float around; wherever we need somebody, I’ll go.

Question #5: WHAT is your day to day at Lamont Homes like?

My day to day responsibilities are to go ahead and cook for the consumers, make sure they get their medicine, make sure they get their shower at night, and make sure the place is clean – stuff like that.

I like doing things for people. I like cooking different foods for the clients, and most of the houses I go to, I cook more than I’m supposed to cook because I like to see them eat and enjoy. Today for example, I brought some sweet potatoes so I can make a sweet potato casserole for tonight. I like to fix things nice and see them enjoy themselves.

I have enjoyed working for Lamont Homes. It’s funny, honey; you know, every house I go to the clients ask me, “Ms. Johnson, what’re you going to cook today?” It’s nice; I’m actually getting ready to fix up some lunch now. I always say, God blessed me to have what I have, so I figure why not use it to help someone else?

Ms. Johnson is a lifelong D.C. resident. Her home is only a five-minute walk away from the home she was working in this weekend. She loves to cook, she lives to care, and she even shares a birthday with one of our Directors, Monica. Those are just some of the things, both small and large, that unite us. As neighbors, as colleagues, and as members of this community, our team brings to bear a special combination of passion and skill in our provision of services to our clients.