Galvanized to Give in 2021

Lamont Homes “5 in 5” featuring Akeila Nelson

Lamont Homes is dedicated to providing residential services to Washington D.C.’s most vulnerable residents. We pride ourselves on building strong, supportive communities. What follows is a 5 minute, 5 question interview from a member of our community: Akeila Nelson, a donor and community activist.

Question #1: WHO are you?

I am Akeila Nelson. I’m 27 years old; born in Miami, and raised in Virginia. I love to serve, and have been on many different servant committees. I do whatever I can to give back, from donating to people in need to supporting other people’s initiatives. I’m just a loving person.

Question #2: WHERE do you work?

I work at a charter school in DC called DC Prep. I’m at academic intervention fellow, which means I help students with IEPs (Individualized Education Plans). IEPs are offered to children with disabilities, who are then able to receive specialized instruction and related services.

Question #3: WHAT inspired you, specifically, to raise funds for this community and donate that much-needed winter gear?

During the quarantine that was 2020, I wasn’t able to do much as far as getting out into the community, so my efforts centered around a lot of donating to fundraisers. So in 2021, I felt that this was definitely a year where we need to be more giving. Life is a lot more appreciated after all of this stuff with COVID. So I reached out to Michelé, because it was on my heart to do something, and re-engage with the community. Michelé, with the big heart that she has, was on board and agreed to collaborate, and she helped me to execute the plan. We just came together, and found somewhere to put our serving hearts to good purpose.

Question #4: WHY are you driven to serve?

I think because I grew up around it, observing my mom and my grandmother. I have a family full of women, so all I see is women serving other women, their husbands, and their community. I’ve pretty much seen nothing other than women going above and beyond to do things for other people, for their families, and for their friends. In that way, it’s in my DNA to be a servant to other people, and give back to the community in any way shape or form.

Question #5: HOW can other people support you and your efforts to serve?

I’m definitely planning to support the project Michelé is working on when the time is right. So I would say to people: be on the lookout for the next time we decide to do something like this. We raised $545, which is amazing since we only planned to raise $400. People really had an open heart. So the next time we do a fundraiser, we hope it will be even bigger and we can serve even more people!